Our Story.

About Us Our story starts over 18 years ago when a seasoned footwear Sales Agent employs his new apprentice…

Back then was a time where the Internet was in its infancy so to develop a brand it took experience, knowledge and a lot of hard work. The teacher was experienced and the Apprentice was eager to learn. Together they worked for various footwear brands, right across Europe and the U.S. Season after season they worked together, selling their products into wholesale accounts and building strong relationships with their customers. But even back then they both shared a common desire – to one day have their own brand!

Time passed and they both followed different opportunities, gaining experience in other parts of the fashion, lifestyle and footwear industries. But a strong friendship grew despite working apart, and on an evening out together, meeting up to put the world to rights and to discuss how the internet was changing the business they were in, an idea developed – “Why don’t we start that footwear brand we’ve always wanted to, and develop it with quality, comfort and a fair price at the heart?” was the vision.

(We would like to point out that it is true, that most good ideas are conceived over a pint)…

And that’s how Oak&Hyde was born – from two close friends who had experienced between them more than 40 years of what footwear industry was all about.

The key to Oak&Hyde’s success is not that only the finest Spanish, Portuguese and Italian leathers and components are used, but also that we care about where our product is made. That is why we are proud to manufacture our products in what we consider to be the very best Portuguese and Spanish factories, where the focus is on craftsmanship of supreme excellence, finely tuned over many decades.

It has taken many years to create this standard of products, so we hope that you get many years of pleasure from wearing them.

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