Aftercare Some aftercare guidance we’d like to share with you.

We work with many fabrics and materials, but especially with real leather and suede because of their quality, durability and comfort. But they are not waterproof. It’s very important that you are aware that the leathers and suedes we use are sold as untreated, so they should not be relied upon to fully protect you against the elements.

Left untreated, the elements can severely damage both leather and suede. Water can discolour and stain your shoes and prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause colour variations. Sea water in particular can be very damaging to leather, as can snow, especially if it has been in contact with road treatment salts.

To help protect your footwear and increase their durability, we highly recommend you invest in Leather and Suede care products such as protection cream, waxes and conditioners, as well as the necessary cloths and brushes. Whilst we don’t work with them directly, we have used and tested leather and suede care products from a company called Renapur and we are happy to recommend their range. Remember that their protection products can also slightly alter the colour of your shoes and you should always read and follow their application instructions carefully. Remember that our shoes are sold untreated and we can only process returns/exchanges of untreated pairs.